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B&B Cà Gianna

Typical products of the land of the Romagna

Twenty-five hectares of the terrain of Ca’ Giannaare dedicated to the cultivation of grape- wine in particular of the Müller Thurgau, Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet, Chardonnay and Lancellotta, after the grape harvest they are taken to the wine cellar where they become sincere and natural wine.

Il fiore di ciliegioAlso the cherry culture proliferates and you have the possibility to buy cherries at the farm after having harvested them yourself. The harvest is going to be done at the first of June and the cherry type is the “durone”, big and of a dark red color. The trees are at human height to facilitate the harvest also for children.

A good part of the land is cultivated for forage, wheat, barley, favino (typical legume similar to broad beans) and there are also some wild fruit trees and a mixed garden.

Fiore di sambucoNear cherries also all the vegetables of the garden can be bought.

Another excellent product that you can find at Ca’ Gianna is the sambuca syrup, typical of South Tyrol (april, may and june).

An appreciated surprise reserved for our guests is the tasting of green tea prepared by Abdou with a traditional ritual and tasted in company, surrounded by the nature for a complete relax.