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B&B Cà Gianna

History of Cà Gianna

The Ghedina Family from Bolzano bought the land approximately ten years ago and fall in love of the hills of the Apennine between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna.

Il CaprioloTheir daughter Manuela manages the administration of the farming business and the farm stay, while her husband Abdou, Senegalese, well known in the Valley, cultivates the land with workmanship and love.
Ca’ Gianna is located in the Tramazzo Valley, hilltop, from here you can reach Re Nuovo and Re Vecchio, where ruins and tumbled- down houses can be find, as a testimony of ancient rural settlements. The farm stay is located in the centre of a land, in a farmhouse that has been restructured in 1930.

The land of Ca’ Gianna, that includes Ridianello, Re Nuovo, Re Vecchio and the Tombe reaches out for about 150 hectare, about 20 hectare cultivated of grape- vine, two hectare of cherries, approximately 40 hectares cultivated of wheat, barley and herb for the forage.

The rest of the terrain not used for agriculture is wood.
The area where Ca’ Gianna is located is rich of fauna and flora, an ideal place for the harvest of mushrooms and truffles and also for the hunting (hare, partridges, boar, pheasant, roe deer).

At the inside of Ridianello, the land “Le Tombe” the movie “Il Presidente del Borgo Rosso” with Alberto Sordi was shot at the end of the 60’s.