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B&B Cà Gianna

Welcome to Cà Gianna

German, English, Dutch tourists… lot of foreign tourists choose to pass their holidays in our farm stay. The rising success it not surprising: the Ca’ Gianna farm stay, in comparison to the traditional tourist structures, offers a contact with nature with very fewer barriers. Far away from the overblown way of inns and hotels, the renowned, Ca’ Gianna gives you the human dimension back that seems has been lost since the times of our forefathers.

During a holiday at Ca’ Gianna, all returns to have a very strong confidence with the earth: from the architecture to the ancient rural homes, to typical products of the earth, rich of veggies and fiber, just to the very familiar confidence of the owners.


Veduta panoramica dei campiCa’ Gianna is located in the Tramazzo Valley, hilltop, from here you can reach Re Nuovo and Re Vecchio, where ruins and tumbled- down houses can be find, as a testimony of ancient rural settlements …more


La raccolta delle ciliegie
A good part of the land is cultivated for forage, wheat, barley, “favino” (typical legume similar to broad beans) and there are also some wild fruit trees and a mixed garden. We sell vegetables, cherries and if in surplus olive oil Ca’ Gianna …more